Online support that works around your life and your schedule
Online mentoring and mental health support is the same as face-to-face support work, however sessions are hosted online using a secure video link (similar to Skype or FaceTime). Sessions can be 1-1, with partners or in groups (for events such as, training and workshop sessions), and allows access to and from any and multiple destinations.
As our work together is confidential, please read the confidentiality policy here to reassure you of the considered approach to mentoring, training and mental health support online.
Some benefits of working online: 
  • Sessions can be held from any destination.
  • Working 1-1 or in groups still obtainable from multiple locations.
  • Reduces limitations such as lack of childcare, reduced time availability or unexpected changes to schedules.
  • Adhoc and shorter check-in sessions are easy to adapt and attend.
  • Cost-effective; eliminating travel costs, time and overheads means session cost can be kept down.
  • Flexible way to engage when circumstance doesn't allow us to travel or leave responsibilities for a period of time.
We use Zoom as our preferred online platform
Zoom meets a high standard of confidentiality and data security. 
It is a meeting platform which is straight forward to use on computer, phone or tablet.
To install, either search for Zoom in your App store for phone and tablet, or go online by clicking here and follow the instructions.