& Coaching

Mentoring offers time-bound, solution-focused, education and goal-setting. Mentoring helps to shape an individual's beliefs and values in a positive way and gives you the tools and guidance to achieve your goals, be it personal or professional.

  • Help in realising goals and strengths.

  • Enhance wellbeing and confidence.

  • Improve the quality of relationships.

  • Increase personal effectiveness.

  • Reduce anxieties and fears.

  • Focus on time-bound, achievable goals and results.

  • Develop a sense of self.


Coaching may involve setting goals to work towards building confidence, overcoming anxieties, finding work, returning to work or returning to study as just a few examples. ​

Coaching is generally longer-term and will involve regular check-ins from your coach (as agreed between you) to maintain your focus.

  • Setting relevant goals to achieve.

  • Help building confidence.

  • Reinforce abilities and competencies.

  • Support and consultancy.

  • Encourage positivity.

  • Self-awareness.

  • Embracing growth and ability.