Care for Mental Health.
Each of us are are unique and have experiences in life, and perceptions of those experiences which shape us into who we are today.  Life as we know it is based on our perceptions of experience. 
Counselling assists in rediscovering the link between experience, perception and the present. Sessions use a humanistic approach; listening, being present and supporting clients growth through talk, creativity, and educational tools and knowledge to use towards becoming more congruent and resilient. 
Counselling is an incredibly helpful tool for those who are ready. 
By offering multiple therapeutic styles of working through change and self-awareness, there are more opportunities to find the right process for each unique person. 
Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mentoring
Sessions require an initial assessment to determine the best way to work together. Sessions run for 60 minutes.
Counselling and Psychotherapy; short or long-term sessions which places focus on the client and their own process. Allowing space to talk and  is an outlet for you to speak and process.
Mentoring is planned as short or long-term, offering a more goal-oriented and focussed approach to plan and achieve goals.
I also support businesses and schools to encourage healthy productivity, offering training in mindfulness and core values. ssions.
Self-referral for appointments can be made through the website.
We will arrange an appointment date and time within 24 hours via email or phone.
Sessions are available 7 days a week. Please text or call 07908 700 250 to make an appointment.
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