Care for Mental Health.
Counselling can be an incredibly helpful too for those who are ready. 

Each of us are are unique and have experiences in life, and perceptions of those experiences which shape us into who we are today. 

My approach to counselling works with a humanistic, integrative model;  combining Person Centred, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and creative therapies. I work indoors in my  Cabin (covid-safe), outdoors and online.
I focus on areas linked to grief, depression, anxiety, relationships, change, postnatal and antenatal depression and stress.
I work with a network of counsellors and therapists as a way of integrating therapies for each client on an individual basis if needed. This may be Somatic healing for trauma, body healing and movement for anxiety and stress and Systemic counselling for families and couples, for example. 
I also support businesses and schools through counselling and team connectivity workshops, including training in mindfulness and core values. 
Self-referral appointments can be made by emailing or calling 07908 700 250. 
Sessions are available 8am-8pm Tuesday-Saturday.
Counselling assists in discovering links between experience, perception and who we are in the present.