Counselling, Psychotherapy & Mentoring
Face-to-face, online, telephone or outdoor walk-and-talk therapy.
Humanistic, Person Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques used in short or long term counselling. Giving you space to work on building resilience and personal strength; support for you to learn the tools to become more confident, productive and the best you want to be.
By talking we are able to release cluttered, overwhelming and sometimes confusing thoughts; better understand our experiences and work toward maintaining positive mental health.
Talking automatically releases tension in the body and helps us process information and thoughts more clearly, and through counselling, you may learn tools and techniques to reduce anxiety, make clearer decisions, find acceptance, improve relationships and live a healthier life.  
Sessions are available as 1-1 counselling or mentoring in person, online, over the telephone and through outdoor 'walk-and-talk' weekly sessions.  
Psychological education is a fundamental aspect of my counselling offering.  Through understanding behaviours and developing skills to cope with stress, anxiety and any number of confusing or overwhelming feelings, I believe we are better equipped to move through life feeling more at ease and in control. Slowing the pace of thoughts and learning techniques which are helpful in staying focused offer skills which are useful in managing and maintaining better mental health.